Johan Bernow

Circum vitae


Master in Product Development and graduated with specialisation in innovation and design. Has during my education worked several projects in product development and used different CAD applications.


After my education, I worked as a consultant at Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and after that I was headhunted as consultant on Alten Sweden. During approximately 2 years I worked at Scania CV AB as consultant where I gathered a lot of experience and knowledge.


Why choosing South Africa, more specifically Cape Town, is because my wife recently got an offer from her employer H&M. The assignment stretches for some time and we have an accommodation in central Cape Town. I think Cape Town is an interesting city with much potential and strong development strength and would be very excited be a part of it.


I see this as an opportunity to develop by working abroad and think that the timing could not be better. I would like to "build bridges" and hopes to bring knowledge from Sweden that can be useful for my future colleges in Africa and the other way around.

Johan Bernow

66A Springbok Road, Green Point

8005 Cape Town


Mobile: +27 (0)61 727 78 10


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